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A Complete Guide to Virtual Trainings
A Complete Guide to Virtual Trainings

From registering for a session to post-training surveys, here's everything you need to know about taking a live training with us.

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At a glance...

  1. Visit and choose Sign Up if you do not have an account with us yet

  2. Locate the verification email in your email inbox

  3. After you enter the verification code you received in your email, you will be prompted to select a password

  4. At this time, you will be asked some questions about your role and interests.

  5. Once logged in, click “LEARN” then “Virtual Trainings” in the top right, then click the name of the training you would like to take.

  6. Click the available date/time that you prefer.

  7. Click Register.

  8. Complete the prerequisites if any are listed. If there are no prerequisites, Zoom meeting information will be emailed upon registration. If there are prerequisites, the Zoom information will be emailed to you once they are complete.

  9. Join the training at the appropriate date and time using the Zoom information that is emailed to you.

Trouble signing into or creating your account? Check out these articles:


  • Working internet connection

  • A quiet location, free of distractions

  • On-time attendance. We recommend joining about 15 minutes early to ensure the resolution of any technical issues that may arise.

  • A working microphone (You may use your computer, phone or a combination)

  • Please check your confirmation email for your session requirements. Some require a working webcam that is on throughout the entire session.

Registering for the training

After logging in to, click “LEARN” in the top right corner then “Virtual Trainings”. Click the training title you are interested in and then click an available date/time. On the next page, click "Register." You will then see any prerequisites if necessary and will be emailed a confirmation.

If all future dates are booked, you can simply click the “Notify me” button on the training page to be alerted of new session times when they are added. Our partners are always working to add more dates.

To cancel your registration or reschedule, please follow the instructions in our guide Unregister or Reschedule a Training.


Once you click "Register" for a session, you will be emailed a confirmation and you will also see a list of prerequisites if they are required.

To find any outstanding prerequisites at a later time, navigate back to the training page (LEARN > My Learning > Virtual Trainings) and click "View my registration". This will take you to the page showing your registration confirmation and any necessary prerequisites. As you complete each prerequisite you should see a green checkmark next to it like the image below. If you do not complete the prerequisites before the training, you will be dropped from the session and will need to reschedule. All of the prerequisite work you have done will still apply.

Joining a Meeting

Your registration confirmation email contains a Zoom link and instructions for joining. If prerequisites are require for your training, this information will be sent once they have been completed. The email will include a different link to a Zoom test call so that you can test your setup in advance. Please use a browser like Chrome or Explorer and do not log in through other environments like VMWare or MyPC, doing so has been known to cause technical issues.

Once you click the Zoom link for your training, you may be asked for some information for attendance purposes such as your name and employee ID. Be sure to use your real name so that you receive credit for any required training. Meeting passwords will also be included in your confirmation email.

You might be placed in a waiting room while the hosts verify your registration and completion of prerequisites if applicable. This may take a little time, but the hosts will let you in once they have verified this information and are ready to start the training. There is nothing further to do on your end at this point and the meeting will start automatically once the hosts have admitted you.

New to Zoom or having trouble joining? You can find more tips and troubleshooting ideas here.



When available, the slides used during the training will be found on the training registration page. Simply go back to the training overview page and click View My Registration.


Post-survey links will also be available on your registration page which you can find by going back to the training overview page and clicking View My Registration. Scroll down and select the survey under Post-Event.

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